We are eager to have your music played on BandMusicRadio.com and to have band directors all over the country hear what you have available.

Band Music Radio exists to help directors find new pieces for their bands, and we couldn't do it without your recordings.

There is NO COST to have your music played but we do have some guidlines that you'll need to follow to ensure that your music gets the proper airing and that those listening get the best service.

Here's the simple process to get your songs played:

1. Send us clean, professional recordings on CD of your entire catalog

Just grab one copy of each of your promotional CDs* and put them in a box and send them to us (call us first at 651-204-9218 x101 to get the proper shipping address). If there are any pieces that you don't want aired (i.e. they are no longer available, etc.) just put a line through the title on the CD cover.

*NOTE: Recordings must be FULL recordings of the song, not a 'sample', and must be a LIVE recording (not computer generated)

2. (Optional) Send us your logo and graphics for your new-release covers

If you'd like us to include your logo whenever one of your songs play, or even a copy of the cover, just send us those graphics. (If they are available on your web site we'll just grab them from there directly)

3.We'll send you a confirmation list of the titles that we'll air

Within a few days of receiving your CDs we'll create a complete listing of the titles on all the CDs and send it back to you for review.

4. Returned the confirmation and release form

Just sign the release form that we send you.

5. We start playing your music

Once we have your signed release form we'll start getting your music on the air.

6. You send a note to your clients and fans letting them know you're on Band Music Radio

You can send this via email, twitter, facebook, linkedIn, snail mail, etc. - whatever is the best way for you to connect with your followers.

That's it. Within just a couple weeks you could have your music playing on Band Music Radio and being heard by band directors around the country, many of which may have never heard your latest (or even older) titles.

There are other options available for you to promote your pieces and your brand. We'll send you information about those opportunities after we have your music playing on the station.

If you have any questions at all please contact us using the link above.


We presently only accept recordings for playback directly from publishers. If your music isn't published yet please see our information about submitting independent titles.