It's been a while since we changed our programming schedule, but spring is a great time for changes (even if we still have piles of snow here).

This month we're trying to connect with several other band-related organizations. We're going to be working with those organizations to help them get the word out about their groups and activivites. Watch for news about these organziations coming soon on-air.

Thanks to all those who helped test our new mobile app.

We were able to track down several bugs and work them out. 

We still have a few more pesky problems to resolve.

Hoping to have this wrapped up and ready to distribute in a few weeks.

We've got our initial version completed and testing it now. Watch for details about how you can test via our email newsletter.

We had a GREAT trip to the Midwest Clinic.

I got to meet a LOT of people and best of all for you - we have a LOT more new music working it's way on-air.

Listen for new pieces each week as we process all the recordings.

Also, I've met with several different people who will be providing some 'educational' programming in the weeks ahead.

And this morning I just met with someone and we planned our next contest/giveaway that could end-up putting around $1,500 in your band fund!

Be sure to register to get updates and keep listening for news about the next contest.