We knew that we should be at Midwest Clinic this year ... and the daily blessings proved that to be a wise choice.

Maybe the winter concerts have people tied-up. 

Nobody has claimed the latest prize.

We'd love to get all these great prizes awarded before Christmas so you can start playing your new titles in January.

Be sure to listen for your name to win.

We just received music from a publisher new to BandMusicRadio.com that has a LOT of great titles for your advanced band. If you're looking for Grade 5 & 6 pieces for your band, we'll soon have a bunch of new titles for you hear. (They also have some great titles for lower grades as well.).

Be sure that you are connected so that you get advance notice as soon as we have all these titles prepared and added to the air-play list on BandMusicRadio.com.

Your chance to enter the contest may have passed, but now is the fun part of giving away the prizes - over $2,000 in prizes.

Be sure to listen for your chance to win. 

Remember - if you don't listen you can't win.

After a long wait, BandMusicRadio.com is now officially live.

Today's milestone is several months/years in the making. 

Several new updates are now active on the station as part of the launch. Including a new scheduling system that allows customated music/content styles for different parts of the day.