An invitation email went out today to all Grand Mesa Music fans.

Welcome to all of you and thanks for checking out

In case you were wondering, this is NOT just a GMM station. GMM just happens to be our first publisher playing on BMR. We're talking with other publishers to get their music on the station. Watch for more soon.

And be sure to vote for your favorite band publisher that you'd like us to contact and get their music on the station. Directors and Band Members can vote (after logging in).

Let us know your thoughts as we continue to get closer to our launch date later in September.

Today was a GREAT day getting lots of lose ends tied up.

Here's a list of the changes from today:

  • Added a cool 'Connect Now' graphic at the top of every page to make it easy to register for new listenters
  • Got the '48 hour' listings functional (you can see them in the general resources once you're logged in)
    This lets you look back up to 48 hours to see what played during any specific hour.
    All the entries have links so you can go to the publisher's page or the advertiser's web site.
  • The What's Playing area is finaly updated to match the style of the web site (colors) and some functionality problems fixed.
  • Got the Directory areas working that will list Publishers, Distributors, and Advertisers (now we just have to get more of those people to sign-up on the site.
  • Increased the number of concurrent listeners on the station to 100 - that should be good enough until we have the 'official launch'
  • Worked with Grand Mesa Music to get their notice to their fans out by email. That should go out first thing Monday Morning
  • Added a Report Problem form so that if people notice problems on the station (or web site) they can easily report it.
  • Added a number of tips and instructions that will go out to new people signing up - so that they can get more out of
  • Created some Twitter Lists to help us keep updated with what's going on in the band world. If you're on Twitter, be sure to check out our page and our various lists (most of them are public). If you are missing from one of the lists where you should be included, just drop me a note and I'll add you.

This week will be a VERY busy one with more connections with publishers and prospective advertisers. In addition, we'll be welcoming the Grand Mesa Music fans to the site, our first big group of listeners.

Had some REALLY great conversations with prospective publishers today (i.e. publishers considering adding their music to BMR). I'm enjoying connecting with publishers and talking about Band Stuff.

So far everyone I've talked to is very excited about this opportunity (for both publishers and directors).

If you know of other publishers that you'd like to hear on BMR be sure to vote (directors and band members) once you log-in. [Sorry, only directors and band members get to vote on those right now.]

Now that the station itself is running properly, we took a few days to get the structure of the web pages more functional.

Now you can easily select the area that you want to visit (based on your 'role') by just clicking on the main buttons.

In addition, when you 'connect' (or 'register') on the web site and choose a role, you will then be taken to the proper content page (based on your role) whenever you log in in the future. Just log-in and you're there!

Still a few integrations between the station and the web site to work out, but we're very close to going live.

Sorry for the down-time of the station over the past few days. It took a while to get the music rotation system working.

We had to basically re-write the entire system to program the music, station IDs and commercials to work as they should.

We've been running for a few days now without any major problems.

We should be ready to go live very soon.