Maybe the winter concerts have people tied-up. 

Nobody has claimed the latest prize.

We'd love to get all these great prizes awarded before Christmas so you can start playing your new titles in January.

Be sure to listen for your name to win.

Your chance to enter the contest may have passed, but now is the fun part of giving away the prizes - over $2,000 in prizes.

Be sure to listen for your chance to win. 

Remember - if you don't listen you can't win.

After a long wait, is now officially live.

Today's milestone is several months/years in the making. 

Several new updates are now active on the station as part of the launch. Including a new scheduling system that allows customated music/content styles for different parts of the day.


Today our first on-air contest goes live.

The Launch Contest includes over $2,000 in prizes from a number of companies - including Grand Mesa Music, Daehn Publications, and JPM Music Publications.

The first-place prize will be given to the person who registers and invites the most people to join the contest. Second and Third place will be given via a random drawing from everyone who registers.

Winners will be announced on-air starting Wednesday, December 4th. Winners will have 12 hours to claim the prize by contacting If a praize is unclaimed after 12 hours, a new name will be drawn for the prize the following morning. This will continue until all the prizes are awarded and claimed.

To register or for additional details see

There are just a couple days left for you to register for our first Launch Contest and share it with your friends.

Remember, the more you share the better your chance to win one of the great band prizes.

You can still enter here: