We're adding more titles for 2019.

Keep listening for the latest music releases.

Also, keep listening (and watching the blog) for new features coming in the weeks ahead.

This month we're trying to connect with several other band-related organizations. We're going to be working with those organizations to help them get the word out about their groups and activivites. Watch for news about these organziations coming soon on-air.

After a long wait, BandMusicRadio.com is now officially live.

Today's milestone is several months/years in the making. 

Several new updates are now active on the station as part of the launch. Including a new scheduling system that allows customated music/content styles for different parts of the day.


We've now added some great music from JPM Music Publications to BandMusicRadio.com.

Give a listen today and you'll here some GREAT additional titles.

This week we added a new publisher - Daehn Publications.

You'll now hear even more great music - including all of the Daehn Publications new music for 2013-2014.

And because each of our publishers provide us with ALL of their available catalog to play there are even more titles than just their newest releases. There are many great pieces by Daehn Publications that have been released in the past few years. We've added about 30-40 additional pieces (50-60 in all) but there are almost 200 more pieces that we'll be adding in the next week.

Keep listening each day/week to hear all the added songs.

And watch for new publishers that we'll be adding regularly in the next few weeks.


Chris Paschen
Director, BandMusicRadio.com