We're adding more titles for 2019.

Keep listening for the latest music releases.

Also, keep listening (and watching the blog) for new features coming in the weeks ahead.

I've had the wonderful opportunity to work in a location where our band was serviced by up to 4 different music stores at one point.

Soon after I started that position I quickly learned what store was good at what service. I also could easily determine if the store was actually there to support our program - and generally interested in supporting the arts - or just there to get a bid/contract on our next major purchase.

This month we're trying to connect with several other band-related organizations. We're going to be working with those organizations to help them get the word out about their groups and activivites. Watch for news about these organziations coming soon on-air.

We just received music from a publisher new to BandMusicRadio.com that has a LOT of great titles for your advanced band. If you're looking for Grade 5 & 6 pieces for your band, we'll soon have a bunch of new titles for you hear. (They also have some great titles for lower grades as well.).

Be sure that you are connected so that you get advance notice as soon as we have all these titles prepared and added to the air-play list on BandMusicRadio.com.

After a long wait, BandMusicRadio.com is now officially live.

Today's milestone is several months/years in the making. 

Several new updates are now active on the station as part of the launch. Including a new scheduling system that allows customated music/content styles for different parts of the day.