Earlier this week we added over 100 new titles on-air. That included over 20 brand new titles from Grand Mesa Music.

Each week we add more new titles, and this time of year we have a LOT of new titles.

If you haven't listened in a while, be sure to click the big green button above and give a listen.

We've spent the past few days doing a minor update on our main web page design - making it a bit easier for new visitors to find the most important features of BandMusicRadio.com. Also, we now have the 'Listen Now!' button prominently available on every page. So hopefully everyone gets the hint - please LISTEN NOW! :-)

We made some great connections at Midwest Clinic this year and had a great response from publishers. You should start hearing their music soon!

I've had the wonderful opportunity to work in a location where our band was serviced by up to 4 different music stores at one point.

Soon after I started that position I quickly learned what store was good at what service. I also could easily determine if the store was actually there to support our program - and generally interested in supporting the arts - or just there to get a bid/contract on our next major purchase.

After a number of hours of behind the scenes work and only about 10 min. down-time, we finally have upgraded the BandMusicRadio.com web site.